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PlasNEX HK IND CO. Public compnay Limited (PlaNEX) on March 3, 1983. China BOPP Film manufactory supplier.

As the manufactorer of BOPP and Polyester film in China and southeast Asian region, we succeeded to expand our production capacity to meet the rapidly growing for BOPP film domestic and world wide market.

From only 1,000 metric tons of BOPP film per year in 1983, our total plant capacity has now reached 600,000 metric tons per year, including 100,000 metric tons of polyester film and 150,000 metric tons of cast polypropylebe film or CPP film. In addition, we have capacity to preduce 100,000 meteric tons of metallized film and 80,000 metric tons of thermal BOPOP film, we will reach 200, 000 metric tons total capacities by 4th quarter of year 2002 and 320,000 metric tons by 2th half of year 2003 of year 2004 480,000 metric tons by 2th half of year 2005 and 560,000 metric toms by 2th half of year 2006, with strong production reach to 9 production line machine import from Germany.

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Start from 10 micron to 60 micron supply products thickness.
Largest BOPP film manufacturers in Asian Region
Among the top ten BOPP film manufactures in the world
World's largest BOPP plant capacity in a single location
2 plant locations in Shanghai, and Hangzhuo City.
Global market in over 40 countries
Publicly-traded company in the Stock Exchange of Hong Kong since 1994
ISO 9002 certified
ISO 14001 certified


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