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CPP Film

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  • The company produces various High - End Product Types, e.g - High Speed Cigarette Film, High Speed Tight Pack, Twist Wrap Film, Synthetic Paper Film, High Bonding Low Heat-seal Metallized CPP/BOPP Film, Opaque Pearlized Film,Thin Film for Tape Application and others. the present market share of specialty film and commodity film is 30 : 70. The company targets to expand the proportion of specialty film and commodity film to reach 50 : 50 by the year 2005.
  • The company produces more than over 20 types of COPP Film, Polyester Film, CPP Film, Metallized Film, Color Film and Specialty Film as mentioned in no.1 above. Thus following the concept of One Stop; Shopping, PlasNEX HK IND Co. customers can get all the products they need from the company and provide the company more advantages over its competitors.
  • Our market share has expanded to more than 40 countries in several regions worldwide. Therefore the Company can supply products to the markets which are stable and with high potential for growth instead of the economically unattractive.
  • The company can produce all types of film at the competitive prices since we are considered as a low-cost manufacturer due to our high efficiency, high productivity and high yield compared to other film manufacturers worldwide.
  • Our manufacturing facilities are located in the fastest growth rate area of the world, which is Asia. So, our Company can serve the Customers in Asia on the shorten in-transit lead time and lower freight cost compared to other world class manufacturers in Europe or United States
  • This film adopts a special processing of 3-layer co-extrusion,and is a heat-sealing material used for variety of packaging purposes. It can be laminated with BOPP and BOPET or directly packaged after printing.
    This film has high transparence and gloss, low COF, low sealing temperature, high sealing strengt
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