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Metallized BOPP Film

PlasNEX HK IND Co.Technology is a one among the other crucial parts of our performance. We continuously update our technology standard with the latest world’s technology improvement. Researches and studies are held periodically to seek out for more efficient technology to be applied in our production process. This is one of our efforts in fulfilling our company’s mission, which is to trim down the production cost. Each level of our production process is operated with strict controlling to produce premium BOPP and Polyester Films. Our man powers are standing by to operate and to maintain the facilities in top performance.

Our “PlasNEX” coated films are specially designed to meet requirements in high oxygen barrier and clear structure for food packaging. Besides, “PlasNEX” PVdC as well as acrylic coated films are offering good aroma protection. Our coated film is guaranteed to protect foodstuffs products and assuring its long-lasted ability.

Our company develops a wide range of metallised films. Our “PlasNEX” metallised films and laminated provide excellent protection of moisture, oxygen as well as UV-Light that guarantees protection towards snacks, liquid and gas flush packaging. We offer various levels of barriers starting from moderate to high specifications.

Metallized film BOPP china

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