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Metallized CPP Film

This film a produced by 3-layer co-extrusion and casting processing.The treated top layer is a special material which has high metal adhesion, suitable for metallizing purpose, to guarantee metallizing strength & glazing effect.
The middle layer of MCPP is Homo PP, also designed for metalizing purpose, to improve the rigidity of the film, which is required by the metalizing process and final products.
The bottom layer is low sealing temperature resin, contributed to a low sealing temperature and high sealing strength

After aluminium coating, This film has a distinct metallic cluster and tight insulation from Oxygen(O2), Carbon dioxide(CO2) and resistance to ultraviolet radiation

We empower our vision through technology and innovation. Our technical collaboration with a technically advanced European firm which is a specialist in CPP films (Cast Polypropylene film ) extrusion line enables us to manufacture Cast Propylene Films from 15 mic. - 200 mic. in width up to 1.65 meters specially to cater to flexible packaging industry.

We manufacture photopolymers, random copolymer, and impact copolymer resins for monolayer and co extruded cast film applications. Offerings are tailored by melt flow rate, additives (slip and antilock) and copolymer concentrations. They are designed to achieve coefficient of friction targets without prolonged film aging or foggy surfaces.

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